Womens liberation

There seems to be a lot of discussion and demoralization on the liberal side these days. It is understandable, but it is also a bit embarrasing.

At the end of the day, it seems to me to be a kind of regression. The positions of the 68 are celebrated, and the new ideas Barack and I put forth are kind of closed down.

I understand it, but it is not that efficient when it comes to real live politics.

Around ten years ago, I had this moment of truth in Denmark. It was at my local gym, and there a few migrants were pretty open about their experiences with Danish girls. As they said; over 40 Percent of them had been raped. That being their friends in their local youth club.

You can look at it many ways, but compare this to slavery. When Thoreau fought against slavery, he simply could not see how slaves could be treated like subhumans. North America went to war for that. Because it was wrong. Seen from a humane perspective, the problem is the pain that the slaves suffer in their imprisonment.

So it is the amount of pain that sanctified the civil war of the US. A rape is worse, when a girl is raped, the pain and the suffering will never cease. The trauma is too deep. The enslavement has been internalised, and the person afflicted will never be free and happy again. They can learn to live with it, but their lives have changed forever.

This was what Oriana Fallaci saw when she fought the islamists after she had fought the fascists. The inherent slavementality that is in islamist thinking.

My point is, political progress or development should not be anchored in theories about the world. It should be anchored in the concrete wrongs of the world. What is happening in the world, done by human beings, felt by human beings.

When something is obvious, and has been like that forever, it is hard to change course. But liberation of women is not about getting through the glass ceiling or black womens concieved problems. It is the rapes.

The rapes by a oldfashioned, evil, maledominating, patriarchal, disgusting philosophy that has no reason to be here on earth. And just as the civil war was fought over slavery, this fight againt IS, and yes also the Muslim Brotherhood, is about that same thing. That is inhuman acts.

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong in opposition to defamation of women, and hapy womens liberation day.

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