Shimon Peres

shimon-peresIt is really difficult when kindred spirits pass away. I have a hard time saying goodbye to someone that I respect so much.

Mr. Shimon Peres passed away yesterday, may he rest in peace.

For me, a relative newcomer to Israeli politics, I feel a bit humbled by the things that mr. Peres took from me. But at the other hand, I can see that we shared a lot of things; the striving for peace, and at the same time the will to keep Israel safe.

This is what Israel is supposed to be; a project of peace. And only when we obtain peace, will the spiritual task of Israel be achieved.

In a way, that task is so daunting, that you have to use all your energy to really achieve it. You have to be focused all the time, be vigilant.

But if you are, you can move things along.

With true tears, I mourn mr. Peres, he was much more than the founding father of Israel. He was Israel, and let us hope, that we can live up to his expectations.

G-d bless the memory of mr. Peres.

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