To be good

maxresdefaultTo be spiritual, I believe the essence is about being a good person.

The ethical discussion must therefor be at the heart of any person that believes himself to be a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew.

It is like that, right?

But the problem about being a moral person is the fact that the right choice is often very difficult to make. What some believe to be the right choice, others do not.

Take my discussion on Islamic State. In the beginning, this was a thing of taboo. People really thought that I was a bad person. But it came out to be a true, right. Look at what they are doing.

You can look at it from many perspectives; psychology, metaphysics, social sciences. Some people believe we have a innate moral compass, others believe in enlightening the world. But at the end of the day, the truth of the matter is, that being good is one of the most difficult things to be.

One of the things I often see people doing that is a mistake, is many peoples tendency to take the easy road. To do what everybody else do, to blend in. This is the best choice if you want to be socially accepted. But it leaves all the moral consensus to the leader of the group. If he or she is a bad person, the entire commune he is leader of, will be bad as well.

Power corrupts, and a lot of power corrupts a lot. So if you are in an organization with a powerful leader, there is a chance he or she will be corrupted.

It is here the task of the servant of G-d, always to ask himself; what is the moral answer in this case.

Evil is often disguised as good, that is my experience. In fact, the bad people often parade their goodness. Tries to obtain a veneer of being the right and moral person. They cloak themselves in the cloak of goodness. You know the person that always has to be the one that prays the most, or sit, venerably at the head of some local community council to help the poor.

Bad people like to LOOK good.

The real good people you often find at places that is not posh or fine. They are there where they can actually do good, and that is often in the gutter somewhere. Places where things smell, and the air is ripe with sin. There you see them, going about their business, like angels in the filth.

The sad thing is; if a leadership of a country or a congregation, does not realise this. These few angels, that should be ones to lead us, never reach the leadership role they should have. But remain in corners around in the gutters washing peoples feet, taking care of the homeless, sick and poor.

I believe, that one of the things we should start doing, is look for angels, where they are, and ask them to lead us.

Often they would reject our pleading, and go about their business, but often enough they would sacrifice their calling and be an administrator.

If we cannot ask them to lead us, then try and be inspired by those few lights, and do as them.

G-d bless the pursuit for goodness.

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