South America

There is a strategical task that might be good to do right now; reach out for South America.

Currently we have had a series of international victories; Libya, pressure on Iran and we are seen as the good guys, or we are the good guys in relation to Syria.

Now this is the time to capitalize a little on the progress, with respect to the Russians.

For long America has been despised in the southern part of the continent, some with good cause others because of envy. There is an interesting development in Venezuela that we have already worked on, and we could work on a little more; the Venezuelans and especially the leader Hugo Chavez is fighting for his people, and he is pointing at the same ideals as we do; the ideals of democracy, enlightenment and justice.

It is a bit dangerous not to attend a little to the south americans right now, both because they are a potential ally, and because they might be swayed to side with Ahmadinejad.

So an idea could be to pay a visit to the Argentinian president. Argentina is closely linked to Venezuela and has stood a firm anti western stance for some time. If we could win them over, a great ally would be on our side, and the work we have begun with Chavez could be materialized in a closer attachment to the alliance of south american democracies.

It would thwart any future attempt of Ahmadinejad to work the alliance against us, and it would strengthen your position in the election, it would be a huge step forward.

At the same time we have to respect the geopolitical interests of Russia, she has invested heavily in the region, and we should not be seen as an opponent to Russian influence in the region. So it should be done in accordance with Russian interests and with a huge nod to the Russian influence and honour.

It can be done if we stress the virtues of democracy and humanity, that we all share around the globe. It should be a peaceful hand reaching out to the Argentinians and other proud countries in the south.

This done, we would gain another little inch on Ahmadinejad, and in the long run, after Russia has left the alliance with Ahmadinejad, South America would prove a heroic and trustable ally.

I saw the meeting with the head of Denmark, thank you, we do share the same values 🙂

G-d bless 🙂

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