The lightbringers

I have something very serious to say to the bringers of light, especially the ones that started the french revolution, the american revolution and can trace their existence back to the beginning of mankind, through Pythagoras to Heliopolis.

You have strayed. The vision Bonneville and the other first enlighteners of the french revolution fought for are true; spirit, truth, honesty, rationality. And the current version, where the secret societies are indulging in principles they should not be indulging in, is not good.

What is the basis of the enlighteners all the way back to Weisshaupt? Well first of all, we have to look upon the source the wise man drank from; Pythagoras. In the tradition of Pythagoras mathematics and enlightenment are paramount. In the great halls of Heliopolis these ideals were painstakingly deduced over several thousand years, it reached its crescent under the great pharaoh Akhenaten, and the point is; there is a layer of intelligence that simmers between all matter, and there is a connection between the life of nature and that intelligence and that can be searched for through mathematics.

Pythagoras found the prove in the realization that there is a mathematical system behind music, and the theory was, that if there is a system behind music it must be elsewhere; architecture, painting, astronomy and nature as such. Mathematics gave a path to understand G-d, that is why we build the pentagon, that is why the secret societies are build like a pyramid, or in other numbers as a tool.

Now, the central issue with the Egyptians was one thing; light. They saw that through the unblinking and constant light upon mankind could we evolve. They were not naive, they knew that the search of truth was a perilous task, I know I have felt in on my own body.

That is why we have the secret societies; to protect the truth from persecution. If you ever forget that, you will be reduced to the same level as the ones who try to dim the light.

We do not keep secret things to empower ourselves or to bring injustice, on the opposite the secrecy gives us an even more formidable task; to keep just.

Pythagoras himself fell prey to the luring of power. Power is a sirenesong, if you hear it too much you will be corrupted, abusive and evil.

How did Pythagoras end his days? Killed on a field fleeing a mob of persecutors. They did not persecute him because he protected truth, but because he abused power.

Now, the pharaohs they knew this, and yes some of them became corrupt, but very few. Why? Because they knew that all the knowledge they had was there to be protected by their life. They felt an immense obligation to protect knowledge for mankind.

This task is not conducted wisely and seriously if you do not respect wisdom, life and spirituality.

I know my words are just words, and I know the lightbringers are not often criticized by someone who share the same values, but this is a time. And my advice would be to look upon the basic creed of Pythagoras; justice, light and love and start to do as we preach.

There is a war coming, and only the just will enter the war on side of the lightbringers.

G-d bless knowledge and justice

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