American election

Be careful, the other participants in the american election are slowly getting ready for the real deal. The action on the election preparations have been nothing more than a preparation for the serious action; the battle between the radical republicans and the moderate democrats.

As I have said before, I think the contestor will be Gingrich; he is the most intelligent, and the most apt to do the job. Combined with Karl Rove they will be a tremendous task. Both are extremely intelligent, and they are not in the business to be kind, but to win. So they will do anything to get the white house.

But they are not prepared to meet the combined resources of the two of us, and in that constellation you have the best fighting chance.

You however have to consider the preparation. Gingrich will fall on your back like a mad dog, he will swear, slander, go for your guts and your weak points. This strategy you have to prepare a counterstrategy to meet.

If he tries to beat you on foreign policy, and he will try that, he will call you an amateur because you put too much trust in the Muslim Brotherhood. There was very little option to do otherwise, but nobody will hear that argument, so you will have to find a counter argument. When the election starts for real, we might already be in the beginning of the war, so that will put you to another test of tremendous hardship, I will be there, and try my best to put in my words, but many things will happen, and we will lose some battles and win other, we never know what will happen. We just have to win the war.

There is a point that is starting to work for you; the connection to the American people. They are starting to feel the connection building up, the way you connected to B.B. King was a sign of that connection, this is your real advantage. You do not have to beat and maim your opponent in all battles, you have to win the trust of the American people. They are starting to show you that trust, because you are doing quite well and they sense that you talk to them and not to the other politicians. This is your unique advantage, an advantage no other candidate but Ron Paul has.

Now that is really good, and due to your diligent and serious work, it is really a good thing you have done, thumbs up! 🙂

But, as we say here in Denmark; you should not sleep on your laurels. You would probably need to sharpen your rhetoric skills, to be able to give a good shot at your opponent in the tv discussions that will be a central part of the election. I do not say this to be disrespectful, you are very good, but simply to remind you of some of the hassles you have to meet soon. You have to sharpen your rhetorical sword to deliver some good blows.

G-d bless you, and be sharp 🙂

P.s. you are turning into an amazing singer 😉

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