There is war coming, the fierce winds of change will sweep the land of the jews, well you should not worry too much, there are many friends, and many options on the table.

Must important is to keep the calm, do not do anything rash or unfounded, be cool and think ahead, now is the time for preparation, soon it will be the time for action.

When action comes, the coordination between the different parties will be paramount. We will have to coordinate all the enemies of the Islamists. It will be a daunting task, but it will be a task worth the children of Israel.

Already the christian world is in an anxious preparation. People know what will happen, and they are waiting for the cards to be played.

There are many expectations, and we have to fulfill them all. Firstly, they expect a riveting, exhilarating, intelligent and extremely professional performance of us. We should be the leaders and the spiritual example. No foot should be put wrong, all actions should be seen in the light of Mikael the archangel. All the towers of spirit should be trumpeted forth against the sons of dark, and we should seem here, there and everywhere.

This and more, there is a spiritual awakening coming, and it should stem from the land of Israel. From here, the proofs of G-ds existence, the layout of the celestial realm, the arguments for a uniting intelligence should be blasted into the collective unconscious of mankind. The realization, that the Egyptians were, in some theoretical points, more than right, and the fact that G-d exists should be proven and fought for at every corner of every academic institution. This battle is just as important as the battle on ground. People should start realizing their error in not acknowledging that we are just a part of the collective intelligence, the ether.

From there on, we will have to see what the iranian system will do, we have to keep the initiative when the war starts, but untill that, we should prepare for the awakening.

We are not done for, we are just a the brink of a new revelation; the revelation of the true nature of G-d. Or, one could say, the rerevelation.

Be prepared, be vigilant, we are not to be caught unaware, but with all arms pointing at the enemy.

G-d bless Israel.

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