As the forces move behind the scenes, reappear in the form known before but yet unmaterialized, we strive for ideals put forth and formulated so long ago; in the halls of Lun by the sharp pen of the egyptian clericacy.

People do not know what the basis of the western world is, yes they know about transparency, science, ethics. But few know where these ideas come from or are kept.

We know, they come from Heliopolis, from the city of light in Egypt.

Now, behind the scenes we see an opposing enemy; the Islamists. They wish to oppose us, they are frightenly succesful; Israel, with all the promise, is surrounded by enemies of the most vile sort.

We need to help her, support the idea of light and solidarity that emerges and is the covenant of the jewish people, we all share.

Pythagoras founded a tradition that emerged the last time in France and spread to The United States. The opposing forces to Islamism holds the same basic creed as the creed that emerged in the french renaissance. We believe in light, in justice, in G-d. And the fight we are to fight, will be along much of the same lines. The goal we wish to achieve, is the goal set forth so many years ago in the mighty temples of Egypt.

They say that there is music in the heavenly spheres and we strive as humble and minute being to hear that music. When it all ends, we may be an inch closer to that goal.

G-d bless us all.

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