There has been a lot of fuss here in Denmark after the attack on some of my friends, and on the Jewish synagogue. People are really showing their true colors, and the politicians are falling over each other to come to our rescue. Or, in a strange way, it does not seem to be about us intellectuals, all the fuss, but more about harvesting voters, or well, just communication. The solutions have been close to lamb and often absolutely stupid. Everybody is talking about preventive measures, as if no one actually have realized WE ARE AT WAR.

Denmark is not France. In France, the home of philosophy and ethics, the support to ethnic minorities, and intellectuals is actually very strong, also in practise. Here in Denmark, we seem more to be a nuisance to get rid of. Now, everybody have walked with torches, and after that it seems to me, it is back to X-factor.

I have, however been witness to some amazing acts of heroism. My acquaintance Dan Park was at the meeting that was attacked, and he did not flinch, just took another sip of his beer. While as everybody else scrambled for cover. That man has some guts.

I just hope, we will see some kind of action, but not on unenlightened basis, based on knowledge. But, we will see.

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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