New book

Writing a book is like sailing a ship, you start out on the voyage, and you have an idea about the destination, but at the end of the day, you often end up somewhere else, somewhere beautiful, otherwise the trip would be pointless.

So, I am starting this new book, for once just because I like it. It is not some work of duty, to save democracy or make a rebirth to religion, no it is something of an experiment, something that will give me a chance to discover new trends in writing, let me experiment with philosophical issues. For once it is actually not avant garde and ten years before its time, it is just a book, perhaps a good book, who knows, not a single word has been written yet, but I have done lot of thinking, and some of it has inspired my blogging, though, to be honest, my muse tells me, I should write about politics. It would be more to the point, considering the war in Europe and all the strife and pain we will experience.

But, I know it is a bit selfish, and probably not well timed, but I just need to consider the fact that writing is a source of energy for myself also, and if I do not write something unabashedly profane and lowbrow, something that is not immediately satisfying all the high brow critics, then why the heck not? I can do that, it is my right as an independent intellectual.

Enough of my babling. The idea is both simple and complex at once. I am going to write an action novel, but it will be based on ancient Danish mythology, and the ethic core of the novel, will a platonic discussion on justice.

I have done some research, and found a work, or story, that will, hopefully bridge the gap between Denmark and the Anglican world. I will retell the story of Hamlet, or Amled as he is called in Danish. So I suppose it ends up high brow and Oxfordian anyway. But, as Joseph Conrad, my yarn will be littered with action. With battles of grand vikings fighting for their glory and place besides Odin after their rise to Valhalla.

That is an enticing mix is it not?

We will see, at least it will tremendous fun to write.

G-d bless us, as we pray for our redemption and inspiration.

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