So we need a status on the current development in regards of the war between the descendants of the vikings and the sons of Allah. I love Egypt, I adore the beduins of the desert, so I do not take this conflict as an all out war, there are groupings of Muslims we fight, not all.

But we must admit, however we see it, that there is an enemy, even the most stubborn liberalist (me being one of them) must agree, that there is an enemy, and we need to fight it.

Being Europe, we also need to evolve along the way. It should not just be about what we fight against, but also about what we fight for.

This however, changes things. Because when you evolve, you come from one position, and you go to another position. This means leaving some ideas and accepting new ideas.

One thing I have noticed in the fight for our freedom, is the fact that we have become less and less corrupt. It struck me, when I learned about the idea of putrification, or fining. The idea, that when you are burned, what burns away is the corruption. Corruption breeds in stale water, while as honesty is found in the fight. In a sense this talks against the idea of peace, because the peace we strive for will most probably also breed corruption, at least if take our parents generations as an example.

Maybe I am wrong, but we should not be blind to this danger when we finally have peace again. If we reach peace, and then end up in corruption, it will all just have been for naught.

But right now, I can see, that the trend is less corruption, more transcendence, less manipulation.

Take the fight I have had against the PET, it is finally over. They called me the other day, and asked me what I wanted and needed. Ok they did not seem that happy with my continued criticism, but the dialogue I have been asking for has been initiated! What a good thing. On top of this, they truly seem to be taking things more seriously. A number of attacks have been twarthed, and even the police is now talking about training and renewing their tactics. It could, potentially, mean a development of a whole new protection paradigm, if they let themselves be inspired by different sources, among them perhaps some of my ideas. It could boost their prestige, and make them examples to follow.

Anyway, in the middle of my victory, everything seems kind of empty. Why is it like that? When you win a political fight, you do not feel the sweet sense of victory, you just feel exhausted. Maybe it is because of the sacrifice involved, I do not know. But I know one thing for certain, the future has just become a lot brighter, and for whatever that makes of a difference, at least that is something to consider.

There is still the cataclysmic fight with the Islamists ahead of us, but at least now it will not be a chaotic civil war, it will be coordinated, planned, done in a civilized manner, at least as civilized as you can be in a war, and it will bring us somewhere less corrupt. That is good.

G-d bless the victims of the serial, islamist killer.

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