Who is in front?

Well, there is some discussion on the relationship between Israel and the ongoing feud between now France, The US, Denmark and the international caliphatists. Who is in the forefront?

We all are! I mean, we have our countries crawling with islamists. Their headquarter is in Rome, in London, in Gaza, they are everywhere.

So what does that make us? It makes us allies. We can be above below, leading, on the side, but at the end of the day, we are allies, that is all there is to it.

In France and in Denmark, it is pretty obvious that the islamists see the fight for freedom, democracy and justice interlinked with judaism. Well, maybe as a surprise to many Jews, this is actually the leading trend within the West right now.

We do not ally ourselves with the Jews because there is some deeper philosophical idea to it, it is simply because we fight on the same side.

But, personally I must admit, that in order to make this fight meaningful, it should be more than just fight over territory and security, that is why I dream the dream of Israel being the ultimate peacemaker, the center of the rise of all three monotheistic religions. All united in peace.

If it was only a defensive fight, what about the dreams of our forefathers? I admit, that Israels most important role is as a defense for all Jews, but why cant we be more ambitious? We need a world in peace, not in war.

We need to do something about the threats we meet, but the endresult should not be war, but peace.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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