It is rock or bust

So now we are here, another strike at the heart of freedom of speech, as in France, as in the US with the Two Towers. They want us to shut up, and implement their glorious caliphate, and we choose to concur, to reject, to say no, non, nej, njet, get out of our sight!!!

You can try to analyze it down to nothing, to forget about it, to blame it on me, but at the end of the line it is like this; it is rock or bust, it is getting into the fray or be killed, it is fighting or dying the slow lethargic death of the cowards.

We chose to stand, we despise you as you charge us, we laugh at your puny ideas and we will come and get you. Mark my words, we will rise again, we will shed the chains of multiculturalism, of the weakness someone wish to put on us, and we will get back on you. As of my right as Jew and as Dane I challenge you again, we will not surrender. You weak, stupid, disgusting cretin.

G-d bless the peace we will eventually win.

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