In the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, there is the fact, that the overall plan seems to have been lost to the conflict. Why is it really that Ukraine and Russia fight? Is it because of freedom? No, obviously Donetsk and Lugansk would, if they could choose, not be a part of Ukraine. So if there was anything meaningful, it would be to set them free. At the other hand, the conflict smacks of fear and old wounds. The U.S. Has been fast to pour in and help the nationalists, and Russia has been fast in strengthening the rebels in Lugansk and Donetsk. But why? I mean, we are facing a worldwide threat of IS, that is benevolently killing all who are in their way. They hold a huge power in the European mainland, and they are not shy of using it. Their methods are obviously taken from some nightmare novel, and they are uncompromising. If we look a few years into the future. It is pretty obvious, that the fight will increase especially in Central Europe, blood flowing in endless streams making the second and first world war joyful preludes in comparison.

So the mechanics of strategy and war gives a natural impetus for all of us to unite and not be divided. I mean, practically, if there is an enormous war at the doorsteps of Ukraine, what will be the probability of Europe coming to the rescue, or anyone actually? We cannot afford it, we are hard pressed ourselves. Even if we wanted, we simply could not.

In fact, it will soon be the other way around, we will come asking you for help, and you will be hard pressed not to give it, because of the inhumanity and the scope of the events.

The recent figures speaks for itself, according to the surveys I have read, European Muslims are all in for IS. This makes them enemies. Up to a quarter of citizens of France are Muslims. Look at Great Britain, it is the same, as holland, as Denmark, as Sweden. We have a huge number of enemies in behind our borders. Our security systems are so overwhelmed by the prospects, that they are overreacting and persecuting the most prolifent leaders who address the problem. Everybody are in panic. So should we then come to your rescue?

Look at it as it is, you are fighting your own brothers, they are kin. The more you fight, the deeper the wounds will be. You now have a tiny chance to stop the meaningless slaughter and come to terms.

You will be needed elsewhere in the coming fight, and the more we fight with each other, the more weakened will we be when the storm comes.

I cannot promise you anything, and you are wronged by cutting too much into Ukraine. I can only tell you, that perhaps the future events will make the current conflicts look ridiculous, and make us wish there was otherwise.

As in Israel, mr. Netanyahu was weakened by not fighting the Gazans to the end, but the world won by realizing the threat of IS.

I wish I had more to give, but the storm is coming, and we need to be prepared.

G-d bless you, and may you keep your honor.

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