Well, now we have a difficult situation. 

First of all, looking at the long term strategic aims, that is first ISIS then China, not being friends with Putin is a bit of a problem. 

We got beaten by you mr. Trump, and though mr. Putin did help you, maybe, the amount of cheating to get you in the White house is beyond Putin. 

So, we in the Democratic wing should just suck it up, and get on with the necessary work that is rebuilding the Democratic platform. 

We need to learn and revise our strategies. 

This is difficult, and I admit, that we should be careful, but we still need to be clear on our basic objectives. 

The reason why we fight ISIS is not because of some geostrategic goal, but because these bastards kill innocent children, make sexslaves and drive trucks into people. 

The reason we fight China is because they are being pretty expansionist in west and are threatening our allies. 

Mr. Putin can be turned both ways, if we attack him he will go with the Chinese, if we work with him he is our friend. 

If you want action, don´t worry, action will come. In Europe, with China, and we need all hands on deck for that operation to run smoothly. 

I would start helping mr. Mattis in his efforts on making Europe pay more. Because the security situation is really dangerous in Europe, and we should not bear all the expenses for that. 

In the West, we need the same thing to happen; preparation for the coming war. 

War is not something you do willingly. You do it, and you try to get it over with as fast as possible, not to be caught in the quagmire. 

But you do it fast, and you have a clear exit plan.

G-d bless the peace we well find.

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