Post Brexit hangover

Here after Brexit, the hangover, intellectually, have, more or less, gone, and it is time for a new discussion on what comes next. 

First of all, the networks of business that the UK has access to are huge, so what is really the problem. The Anglosphere is huge, and plenty of people to do business with. 

Secondly there is the discussion on radical Islam. We need to start that. 

Well, and then again, we have already been discussing that for many years, also in academic circles. I know that it is only fringe discussion, and that it has, all in all, been independent intellectuals like me, that have had the balls to do it. 

But that fringe discussion should become mainstream. 

We need to go from having no clue about what we are talking about, to actually look at the differences between our system and that of radical Islam. 

First of all, I believe, that the ENTIRE system is at stake. As stated in the very name of ISIS, that is Islamic state. Radical Islam includes a state. 

This state is in opposition to our state, the democratic state. 

So the basic lines of aggression are in fact not religious but political. 

This implies a lot of legal discussion, and exempts radical Islam from the usual protection granted to religions, since they, primarily see their work not as religious but political. 

The other major point of discussion is that of humanism. We, as Europeans and beyond, belive in the sanctity of the individual. Of the beauty of each creature in the world, and this creatures worth. 

That is not the case of radical Islam, women are raped, we have mass persecution of Christians, throwing gays off of rooftops and so on. 

This is not humane. This is not good, this is a crime against all living. 

This discussion and a much deeper discussion, is something we need to embark on.

This is why Oxford beckoned me, because I have taken that discussion for years, though they have been tabooed. 

Science is about enlightenment, in the face of persecution, cowardy and darkness. Science and the light of democracy will only reach the shores of mankind, if we are strong enough, to lift that beacon of light. 

G-d bless the will to lift the beacon of light, though we are opposed by so much, not least our own lack of courage.

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