To understand what is really happening in the West, please let me take you back to a time when things actually did work. 

A time that is almost forgotten today, but it actually made a lot of the present day administration. 

The time was at the time of the sun king Louis XVI. He inherited a realm where he was the only power supreme, and he used it to build a realm that was, for its time; progressive, inventive, sure of itself, with a loyal citizenry. He was renown for his brilliance, and with that brilliance, he attracted other brilliant minds to work for him. 

In a sense we can say, that the next French generation, the Republicans, owe him a great debt. Because even though Democracy was against the aristocracy, many of the thoughts that ended up in human rights and so on, was initiated in the progressive realm of the sun king. 

If we compare this with today in Europe, we can see that the exact opposite is happening. Our rulers are pretty stupid, there is no progress just a slow decline. 

Let us take a few examples; in order to build a realm the current leadership of the EU imported millions upon millions of migrant workers with very little skill and a mindset absolutely alien to the peoples of Europe. 

Well, if the project was to unite the different european countries into one identity and culture, why make the differences even larger than what they were in the beginning?

That is not what you would call enlightened leadership, in fact it is very close to absolute stupidity, the result is given; chaos. 

There are numerous examples of like decisions that is the opposite of genius, and has led to the chaos we witness now. 

So what can we learn from that comparison? We can learn, that the progress of our predecessors were made by genius. 

The enlightened and supreme leaders of Louis XVL made progress. 

In fact, why is it that Europe has been so succesful in matters of civilisation before the second world war, because we had brilliant minds; Adam Smith, Voltaire, Condorcet, Kierkegaard, Hegel, Kant, Bohr, Maxwell, Newton. 

That is what we can learn from the example, and that is also what we need to do to get out of the misery that we are in right now. 

We need to strive for intellectual betterment, follow those academic stars, that illuminate our sky. 

That is the answer to our misery.

G-d bless the wisdom of our ancestors.

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