The burning light of democracy

I have reflected a little on all the work mr. Obama and I have done in the international theatre of war, and where that leads to you mr. Trump.

First of all, international politics is very difficult, especially in a world where we are not progressing, but trying to stop the downfall. 

It requires a bit of genius to treat this process in order to counter all the threats that there is. But it is possible.

First of all, you need to think about the cause. Fighting, giving your life for something, is not something taken lightly. Our men and women at arms are giving their life for something. That something in the US of A is the constitution, the “We the people”, and that again is democracy. 

You can fly drones over far away lands, and you can act with the skill and tech that we have, but at the end of the day, morale, that is the will to fight, needs a cause. 

So in the first term of mr. Obama´s tenure we fought for democracy in the north african countries. It was called “the Arab spring”. We won the fight, but we lost the peace. 

This is why I think we should think about what comes after, from the beginning. If we want peace in Syria, then what is that peace, and how can we ensure that it follows our ideas as well. 

The good thing about fighting for a cause, is the fact, that you gain natural allies. Of cause France, the second cradle of Democracy was all in on the Arab spring, and after that, they were in on the fight on ISIS. Because the fight against ISIS is actually the natural step after the Arab Spring. ISIS is the enemy that ruined the Arab spring. More or less. I know that we did a poor job of securing the peace, but IS were and are our enemies. 

Now Russia and Syria are actually not against Democracy. Yes they are not perfect, but, all in all, they actually hold elections, believe in human rights, try to secure the wellbeing of all religions and so on. 

So, even though we fight here and there, we are not natural enemies. 

This is the way it is, and most enlightened commentators knows this, so it makes it very difficult to truly fight them. Because you need public support to do so, and you do not have that very much. 

This leaves you with the two enemies that I and Obama have focused on in his second tenure; China and IS. 

If you want progress, use the tools we have created. It is all prepared into the smallest detail, especially in Europe. 

My aim has been to fight IS in Europe, and create a multitude of democracies in Europe after the fall of EU, which is imminent. 

When the EU falls, there is ample opportunity to flex American muscle, and a lot of smaller countries who are in dire need of help against the uprising of the IS in Europe. 

So I promise you success, if you see what strategy is on a political level. It is to make a one to one balance between ideology and struggle. 

Unfurl that banner of Democracy again, keep the light of revolution burning. 

That is what is the basic function of the presidentship, keep the light burning for all Americans to nourish from. 

G-d bless the burning light of Democracy.

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