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Well, I know that mr. Trump sees the Middle East as a mess. Well, it has been a mess for the last 5000 years, ever since the first city of Eridu (Eden) was founded, then over all the fightings between the Assyrians and the Egyptians, the Hittitie (Iranians) the Babylonian (Iraqi), Jews, Christian, sea peoples, Muslims, Polytheist, French, English on and on it goes. 

The Middle East has always been at war. 

Bringing peace is a dream that has been harboured there since the beginning of time, an institution as the Messiah has been instituted, just to nourish the dream about peace. 

What Obama and I tried, was much more complex and ambitious than tried ever before, and we did, albeit not perfect, get somewhere. 

Israel has been strengthened, Iran has been strenghtened, Egypt has been strengthened, even Saudi Arabia has found a new more peaceful way. 

Ok there are problems, Syria is a mess, the war in Yemen is a problem. 

But the process of peace was initiated and still is actually going quite well. 

The problem for the Middle East is not that it always fights, it is, that it is caught in the global competition between East and West, Russia and the US. 

This feeds the hostilities, that would, otherwise be less toxic. 

Seen from an international perspective, I think we should see the conflicts for what they are. 

The conflict in Syria is a part of the Arab spring, the idea was to bring Democracy to the Middle East. 

Seeing it from that perspective, I cant see why Assad cannot be a part of the solution. This however wont happen now, after mr. Trump has invested so much in his abdication. 

So the conflict will continue to infest the relationship between the US and Russia.

My best advise is; think about peace, and how NOT to ruin all the treasures of the Middle East. What happened in Palmyra is a crime against humanity, the destruction of ancient mosques as well. 

Do we really want that, or do we, as the heirs to the cradle of civilisation try to lift ourselves and reach a level that our ancestors found?

It will be difficult, but possible, if we search and understand our predecessors and ancestors, their ideas, and build upon them. 

Think for ourselves, not for everybody else. 

G-d bless the peace we will find in the face of another round of atrocities.

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