What did we actually do?

Looking at the Middle East now after mr. Barack Obama and I have left it, it might seem a little bewildering what we were up to. 

I mean, we tried to make peace with Iran, we supported the Arab states at the same time, and tried to find peace with mr. Putin as well. 

Most other American strategies have focused, mostly, on the infighting between the so-called palestinians and Israel. 

First of all, what we tried to do, and did with quite some success, was to elevate the conflict from local to regional to global. 

Instead of focusing on the problems between to proxies of Gaza and the West bank, we tried to address the problems of the region at regional level. On one hand we have the Arabs, at the other hand we have the Persians. In the middle we have Israel. 

Locally we tried to make the fight with ISIS a pannational project, we all could fight. This served the further goal of preparing Europe, and ourselves of the menace. 

So it was a kind of killing two birds with one stone idea. 

This actually worked, and we now have a broad coalition behind the fight against ISIS that serves the purpose of preparing Europe for the oncoming fight, and gives us a broad backing behind American lead priorities. 

On top of this, it is a fight FOR democracy, since ISIS is against democracy. 

It even goes further in the sense, that we do not target all muslims but leaves a window open for a peaceful cooperation, something that mr. Al-Sisi tries to help us with. 

This very complex operation is still in service, but it has taken a huge hit in the Syrian debacle. We still have Russia on board on the fight against ISIS, but we should be VERY careful not to lose them. 

Try to think about it, we have Russia behind an American lead operation. That has never happened before. 

In fact Obama and I made a world-wide alliance, for American values that everybody agrees upon. 

If we lose that, American involvement and especially ideological leadership will suffer tremendously. 

So why do no-one understand this?

Because of the complexity of the operation, and because, honestly and here I truly believe that American media has failed, noone cared to ask me to explain the details. 

You have to be really elitist or extremely nerdish when it comes to politics, to understand what is really going on. 

Now we are not perfect, but the results talk for themselves. 

And I truly believe, not at least because I think mr. Obama deserves some credit for it, that the American public has a right to know what we did. 

We should truly celebrate the victory and the strength of the American perspective, instead of criticizing ourselves so much. 

And we did it, while saving money, resources and protecting the soldiers the best we could. 

This is not to say, that we cannot spare lives in the coming conflicts of China and Europe. But we have tried to construct the best possible weaponry for the conflicts, so that as many lives as possible are spared.

So I really think that the American media deserves to let me explain what actually went on. Not at least for the next generation of leadership to be prepared for their action. 

G-d bless the will to act with precision and care for the men at arms.

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