Well, mr. Barack Obama have been criticized for not delivering a comprehensive strategy to counter the threat of the Islamic state. Well, having worked on this problem for a very long time, and having listened and worked with my friend mr. Barack Obama, I dare to disagree.

First of all, it is not that simple, we are confronting an enemy we created ourselves, and the difficult challenge is in fact not facing the enemy with weapons or send marines after them. The difficult challenge is to change ourselves.

How did we end up here holed up in our own back yard with marauders laughing at us at they cut our throats and raped our daughters? We ended up here, because the last generation; the 68 put us here.

They preached love, forgiveness, tolerance by laying down our weapons and sing kumbaya. So we tried that, we reined in our military involvement to some extent, we tried to dissuade our military to do anything, we sang songs of peace, and hoped that the communist utopia with no boundaries, no ownership and total brotherhood would be the answer.

Well, here we are. Instead of giving us brotherhood it gave us a nightmare beyond belief.

In Europe the 68 have built up a strong system to enforce their ideology. Whenever someone dares to critisize their legacy a bit, they persecute that individual with all the tools of the state, and take away their honour by calling them racist. “Tolerance” has became a system of disgusting repression, taking away our freedom. Some countries are more hit than other with Sweden taking the lead.

What is wrong with this, apart from the absurd hypocracy? The problem is simply the quality of the ideas.

Coming from a world of philosophy, wisdom, abstraction, lore and knowledge, I honestly believe that the ideas of the 68 were of an extremely poor quality. I mean, suppressing people because they are not tolerant enough, is not a on intelligent strategy.

To make a better world, one needs a philosophy of a high, high quality.

One of the most destructive ideas of the 68 were the idea that you could create peace by suppressing the West from within; raising our young men to be weak, critizise our defense systems and so on. This has had the obvious outcome; it has given room for competing systems of dominance. It could have been many different systems, but if you choose to be weak, the strongest opponent is what you get. This is why we are met with the Islamist threat, because this is the strongest opponent out there. They figured; if the west is weak, it will be chance for us to dominate. And since we cannot compete in the realm of mechanics and war gadget, we will compete with cruelty.

So we created the Islamists ourselves because we chose to be weak.

Now, what would be the most stupid conclusion to this dilemma? It would be to be strong, and fight down the Islamists with the might of only Odin and Thor. But the problem with that would be that fact, that the 68 would have, as a result of their stupid ideas, a world of destruction and cunning.

This is why I have recommended a strategy in between. Not an all out war, not an all out peace initiative, but something in between. This strategy won our wars in Libya, Israel and we are still using it. It is not a strategy that will give us the opportunity to let our feelings loose, and just give in to our urge to destroy, but it will give us a world where we do not loose our humanity in the face of an opponent so strong and vicious we have not seen its like since the threat of the Mongols.

In the ancient time, there were two Jewish prophets, Ummin and Thummin. One was a prophet of the light, one a prophet of darkness. Man had to find a way in between these two opposites. Once again this is the strategy I recommend. We fight with and for the light against darkness, and we use our wisdom and not our brawn.

This is why I point back to a point in history where we actually had wisdom and intelligence in abundance; the French Revolution that brought us United States of America. They defined democracy in a model without racism, lately this has been called Change. Add Hope to this, and we have what we fight for.

G-d bless the wise and the just in the face of atrocities.

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