imageMany thousand years ago, a Viking with the name of Beowulf, Bee wolf, hit the shores of ancient England. There an unimaginable force of deceit and evil was upon the scared ancient Englishmen. A horror called Grendel.

Yet again England looks upon its roots for salvation. Yet again the fair men of England is beset with a monster of evil and deceit, yet again the fear of the monster is what drives the English to loose their courage.

I urge you to look back into your history and remember the heroes of battles won in earlier generations. What was it, that gave them victory? What was it that saved the day for the green islands of beauty?

When lord Nelson faced the threat of he lumbering armada, slowly nearing the shores of England. What did he do with his able ships? He fought, day and night, through storm and stillwater, through dangers and horrors. And when he had his enemy at his will. He went in with a ferocious power. An old seaman indeed. Not afraid of being called this or that. But a fighter, so eager to finally meet his enemy, that he tore the Frenchmen to pieces.

This is England, unafraid of the dangers ahead, fighters at the grace of G-d.

Once again this spirit of England has to be awakened, to protect the maidens of England, so much at danger in every corner of England. How will they prevail, if they are not protected by the strong hand of her knight in shining armor? How will she keep her self esteem, her grace and due beauty.

All hands on deck! This would be the commandment of lord Nelson.

And so it shall sound again. Once again England is beset with another Grendel, once again will the freedom be attained only by the unity and bravery off all who call themselves English.

G-d bless the fair islands of the people of England.

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