So, we are around one month from destruction day in Europe, and two months from destruction day in the US. According to Saudi Arabia, the first attacks on European soil will come in a month, the US will be hit in two months.

So are we ready for this? Yes and no. Ideologically we have seen a huge shift in the mindset of the West. Coming from a locked down situation where the socialist hated the conservatives. We have actually found a huge middle ground in the fight against the Islamists.

Especially the conservatives have developed new ideas in Europe, and especially the liberals have developed new ideas in the US.

The common ground we have, is the fight for democracy against a destructive ideology called Islamism. In fact it is basically the radical part of Sunni Islam that is targeting everything that is not Sunni. I mean everybody. They do not discriminate. Either you are against them, or for them.

Now we can chose to underestimate them, or we can recognize the force or their challenge. They are numerous and the they are well armed. Europe is in a true danger of being toppled, not all of Europe, but Islamists will try to carve out their caliphates in a range of countries across Europe, the weakest states will be the first targets, then we each chose our destiny.

How do you counter a radical revolutionary ideology that have no boundaries to their conduct, and are entrenched in your own society?

You do it by rekindling your own values, and fight for what you believe in. They fight for the caliphate and control over all of the world. We fight for democracy, and our freedom.

We need to wrap up research and development in technical tools to counter the threat. It will be a small arms fight in many local areas in Europe. So we need technical solutions for a savage guerrilla warfare. Robots, exoskeleton suits and everything that will give us the edge over the Islamists.

In many countries the entire political as well as bureaucratical system is infiltrated, so the process of cleaning our systems, will be very painful and difficult. But there is no way around it. If the Islamists are in the system, we need to get them out, otherwise they will use their positions to gain advantage in terms of media coverage, ressources, physical backing (some places they have even infiltrated the police ), political support and so on.

But, warfare tends to sort out these things by itself, the public pressure on the allies of the Islamists in the system will be so forceful, that it will have to change. I mean, after a hundred Lee Rigby cases, people will get tired of the Scotland Yard trying to kill and silence the Tommy Robinsons.

I for one hope for a humane and responsible conduct. Remember we are only fighting people, who have homes, wifes, hopes for their children too. They are inhuman in their methods, but they are also humans themselves. An enemy is often just your enemy, because you stand in his way. He will try to take what is yours, because there is no room for both of you. He will use what tools is to his availability, in this case tools of unimaginable terror and horror, but evil is only his actions not necessarily his values.

G-d bless the will to remain human in a situation where all humanity disappear.

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