So the aftermath of the war against Hamas and Islamic jihad is starting. We are entering a period of reflection and soul searching. Did we do it right, was mr. Netanyahu wrong in this way or the other way. Let me be absolutely clear about this. Mr. Netanyahu did what he was recommended, and he did what he though was the right action at the right time. In the beginning he followed the advice of mr. Lieberman, after he recognized the fact, that a ground invasion was going in the wrong direction, I had the honor of his ear.

Fighting Cold War style is extremely difficult if you are strong in arms, and weak in the media. This was the odds we faced, we were weak in media and strong in arms. So the obvious strategy was to pound Hamas with all our strength, thereby giving Hamas all it could in terms of victory in the media, forcing Israel to a defeat through the intervention of the international community.

We however came out as a victor, because we saw through the plot, and held back at a critical time. This gave the scene to the Islamic State in international media, and we therefor put the fight to a slow halt.

As of now. There are many alliances that have actually shifted. Europe is behind Israel again, because we can see that the trouble Israel is facing is the same trouble we are facing, and this on scale unimaginable to Europeans. We have been living in peace for long, now we have to gear up to savage warfare in our own back yard. The Arabs nation is also behind us now. So the alliances we used to have have shifted tremendously to our favor.

This itself is a huge victory.

Hamas is a very small player internationally, we are one of the main players. So we should keep things in perspective. We are not fighting Hamas, we are fighting for our own survival in an international community where we are often fighting with our backs against the wall.

Looking ahead a few years, the strengths we have are more usable. The Islamic state have gotten a very bad start, and the entire world are actually fighting them. We are living right beside them, and we will be the spearhead of the West against them.

Thereby turning from a villain to a hero. That is a much healthier place.

So we need to keep things in perspective, and not be too harsh on each other. In a war there are rarely any true victors. All lose a lot, and it is only if we are warm at hearth and stop the belief that our enemies are evil, we will truly prevail, and keep a cool head.

But so far, I believe that we should applaud mr. Netanyahu for his courageous and wise leadership, he has won the day, and he should be treated as our finest hero in this time of need.

G-d bless our tiny world, with a flickering light to lead the world to unity and peace.

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