Cease fire

To determine who won the war between Israel and Hamas/Islamic Jihad, one needs to discuss what the criteria for a victory was. The thing is, both parties actually won. Hamas came from being totally out maneuvered to actually have some friends, and therefor has a serious comeback.

Israel went into the war to secure its southern flank, and stop the rockets from flying, this is exactly what has happened. We still need to see the ceasefire to be working. But if it works, it will have met the criteria for a victory for Israel as well. I did not intend this, in fact from the beginning of the war, I wanted Hamas to lose. But Hamas really won their own honor back, fighting pretty well.

We still need to see the peace deal settle, but with some serious diplomacy, it will hold. After all. If the war continues, Israel is set on a course of eliminating Hamas with the new tactics of going after the leadership in direct hits backed by the secret service.

Hamas can now choose which side it will support; the humane side or the neo caliphate side. It is up to them. If they choose peace and humanity, we will help in rebuilding Gaza, and hopefully maintain a lasting peace. If Hamas choose Islamic state, we will fight them. Not that it will be easy in any way, but this is what we do; defend the poor, the weak and those in need of support of a strong and warm hand.

G-d bless the will to meet peace.

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