The alliances are shifting these days, the official Sunni leadership have renounced the support to Hamas, due to the fact, that Hamas supported the Muslim Brotherhood. Loyalty matters.

I however hope, that Hamas finally finds themselves ready to make a peace deal. The thing is, it is over. There are no more support for Cold War style fighting. The entire system is finished, and the fight that is now commencing will put people into two camps, those against the destructive caliphate, and those for a humane and peaceful world.

There will be no tones of political affiliation in between, this is war, this is how war works.

It is almost last call, so unless Hamas finally gets serious about this, the war of attrition, that is taking its toll on the leadership of Hamas, will be continued to its final conclusion, that is the disbandment of Hamas, and the solution of peace that is possible with Fatah commenced.

You fought well, you deserve a good deal, but if you do not accept any deal, we are forced to continue the fighting. Not in a immoral way, but in a precise and focused way, targeting the leaders who are responsible.

G-d bless the peace we can find.

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