The conflict in Ukraine is slowly finding a new mode. Not just an ever increasing war of mutual animosity, but due to the personal involvement by Ms. Merkel, have the conflict been turned around. This is it, serious and constructive leadership that aim at a peaceful solution. It should be possible, this conflict is not about ideological conflicts, but about a regional stubbornness when it comes to sharing and giving.

What is wrong with accepting that some slavs have another language? What is wrong with plurality in a state? Why can a federalization not be a possible path.

I hereby give my hundred percent support to the efforts of Ms. Merkel in her attempt to create peace in Ukraine. A nation can have different languages, as long as the basic virtues of the state is respected and supported by the entire body of citizens.

This calls for reconciliation and understanding, not meaningless conflict.

G-d bless the will to make peace.

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