Now, there has been a lot of talk, especially on the republican wing, that mr. Barack Obama does not have a strategy when it comes to fighting Islamic State. I truly beg to differ, Obama and I have worked on this for many years now, all the way back from when we started the Arab spring.

Let me cut it in clear letters. We seek to promote democracy and fight the state part of Islam. That is islamism, as it is called. Therefor we fight Islamic state, because they so not like our democratic ways.

That is a strategy that has brought os a lot of friends and a few enemies. On the friend side we count Israel, Egypt, Russia, all of Europe, Tunisia, Libya and many more. Yes, there has been setbacks. In Libya the islamists have won some, and in Europe now, they are building up their strength. But that is how war is fought. You win some, and you lose some.

What you need to look at, is the bigger picture. When we started, it was at the end of the Bush era. At that time the US was really not that popular, and the democratic cause was as but forgotten. Now, we have a whole league of countries behind us, France as one of the most glorious, because they invented democracy as we know it.

So it is an ideological front we have made. The US is, once again, the leader of the free world, and that world has expanded exponentially. Even Russia wants to join! Thank you for that!

Is this a good or bad strategy? Well it is better than pouring in money and armament into countries we do not really understand, thereby creating a lot of animosity. It is also a strategy that will save a lot of money.

Now, as we talk about Iran. Iran actually wanted to get on our good side. Well, what should we do, say no? What would that do, that would only make us morally weaker. We cannot attack someone who wants to talk.

At the same time, we have made a war, where very few lives are actually lost. We use the airforce only, and safe lives.

This will change, because the islamists are attacking innocent Europeans. We cannot defend them with the airforce. So in Europe that game is different.

But, also Europe has been a part of the strategy from the start. I knew that it would come, and I tried to envision a strategy that was as peaceful as possible, given the dire circumstances. In my mind we will use as little force as possible to counter the Islamists in Europe, but we are forced to use military and police.

So, saying that our strategy is incoherent is just stupid, it aims to bring the best in us, and use as little force as possible. What more can anyone ask?

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end.

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