The will to be free

There is a lot of personalities and moral judgement invested in this third world war we are witnessing. Why is it called a “third world war”? I mean, the war between communist Russia and democratic US was a war as well. Why was this not the third world war? Because this is a war now fought in and through Europe.

Why is this so significant? Becuause as the EU wanes the true Europe will emerge again. We have been put in a jail for the last forty years, unable to be ourselves and develop ideas and philosophies to challenge and react on what we meet. This is now over.

We in Denmark had of 9/11 in the Mohammad cartoon war, France has had its 9/11 in the attack on the rue Voltaire.

There is no going back, the development that spawns from these occurrences will bring new philosophies and new answers to what it is to be human or a political person.

Each attack has made us stronger not weaker, as we try and get our heads around the fact that we are under fire.

As the first and second world war, Europe is a hub to wars, not because of the fighting, but because of the quality of the ideas Europe has.

Dr. Doom, the famous economist is worried that a new collapse of world economy will happen now, because neo cons are taking over the power of the European countries. Come on, we know about free trade, and we know that there should be a balance between the loyalty of the producers and the ability to trade free. We are not stupid. No, what we aim at, is a strong and fierce production house as well as free trade.

So the strengths of Europe, philosophically wise, are slowly reappearing and should turn the tide.

We are yet to see the final onslaught of the Islamists, but it will come, but then we will be ready.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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