Mr. Trump is waging a war against the darkness that prevail in the US. According to most sources, the darkness he is fighting is terrible. What I hear is things a pedophilia, satanism, and abuse in general.

That is perfect, that is what I have always fought against, and am still fighting here in Denmark.

But, you need to look at the grand game as well. There is the specific fight against all these villains, but there is also the strategic interests of the US.

As it stands right now, there are two main adversaries. One is the rise in political Islam. This is still very much en vogue in Europe and many other places in the world. Lately we have had problems in Sweden with anti Semitic crimes done against the Jewish minority there. The same is happening in Denmark.

At the other hand, there is China.

As I see it, if we do not stop China on its expansion, we will be the slaves in forty years. Or, perhaps if Europe gets a necessary rebound, Europe can tackle the expanse of China, but as we talk right now, China mainly threatens American allies in the vicinity of China.

Now, there are many ways to tackle China, if we start fighting them, then we risk nuclear war and other nasty things. The US is not used to such warfare, and will suffer a lot.

This is the ultimate scenario however, and either the US can accept the sway of China, or start doing something about it. Chinese are traditionally not fighters but bureaucrats, so they will try to fight us in cyberspace and so on, but on the ground usually Chinese never win.

I am not saying that we SHOULD fight, I am saying there is a challenge here, and we need to get on the ball to fight it.

So all good ideas are welcome, but we need to show some initiative.

The same goes for ISIS, they are not dead, and just leaving them alone will be a grave mistake.

Lastly, the base of the ideas I have had is Democracy.

What we need is to find faith in that.

Fighting should always be FOR something.

Fighting ISIS was FOR democracy. So we need to stay sharp on these priorities.

Foreign policy is a great chess game, and the best player wins.

So we need to use our skills to be the best at that game.

Otherwise we lose, and that will not do.

G-d bless the will to fight for the survival of the West.

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