To be an international philosopher

Ok guys, we have to do something that is neither popular or normal in a political environment. You guys need to share what I write here.

When i begun, I was the founding father og the new liberal, pro Israel, conservative right. After some years, I became the man behind the new liberal, conservative left.

So now I have actually founded BOTH sides of the aisle. There has, to my knowledge, never been an actual situation like that in the history. I suppose it is because of the times, how the internet works, or just because everybody wants to be the best. So they take the best philosophy that there is out there.

But, I can see, that both sides really need me. The liberal side needs me to rebuild their political, philosophical base. The right needs me to steer clear of some of the pitfalls that is really threatening them.

So I am really needed everywhere. Not to mention, that I am needed in Israel, in Denmark, in the UK, in France, in Russia, in Germany and Sweden, and Iran and in the grassroots movements I have started in Europe. Not to mention the Anglicans, the Catholics, the Sunnis the Shias, the Jews, the Cabbalists.

In essence, I am much needed everywhere in the world. The absurdity of the matter is, that writing here on the blog is essentially a hobby. I get no money, my wife accepts it, but she needs to see some income to support the family. So I have to take a job to support us. Add to this the fact, that the Danish system has been persecuting me for talking a stand against Islamism.

That is difficult. But that is the task at hand, and I am doing me best to be there for everybody.

So it may sound glorious to be an international philosopher, but the reality of it all, is that it is basically a lot of worries, and very little you get in return in any way.

But ok, that is ok, I do this out of idealistic motives, not to get anything out of it, and that is why it works. Everybody can see, that there is zero corruption.

But, back to the fight between the right and left in the US. I have to be there for both parties. Why? Because you are my responsibility, and as an existentialist, I believe, that what defines you as a moral person, is to the extent you live up to your responsibility in the world. It is my duty, and I try to uphold just that, oldfashioned or not.

G-d bless the will to do good in the world.

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