The new world order

Yesterday I was at the movies, I saw The last Jedi, and I truly wept through all of that film. It is what I believe the US should be. Warm, accepting, fighting the neo nazis. Fighting for the Republic.

But the truth of the matter is, it is not anymore. The faith in Democracy has become twisted and deformed. I understand that there is some cleaning up to do internally. I truly support this, it is good.

But the old beacon of hope and humanity is on pause. That is just the way it is.

We, the rest of the liberal countries have to understand this, and do what we have to do.

I have been hesitant for a long time to say that American leadership is on pause. But it is.

This gives the rest of Central Europe a great opportunity, nay, responsibility to change course, and actually start moving out for ourselves.

We need to strengthen our own systems in the lack of American leadership.

This means one overriding theme, and that is investment in security. We cannot expect the American to save us, so we need to invest ourselves.

We also need to start solving our own problems.

Instead of challeging Mr. Putin, I believe we should make peace with him.

I know there is still the unresolved issue of Ukraine. But we need to start discussing these things with mr. Putin, and stop the warmongering.

This will leave us room to tackle the security issues we have with islamists within our own borders.

This is the problem we need to address, as I see it.

Already we have begun to formulate new principles, so that the proces is civil and stays within the limits of the human rights council.

Denmark has taken the lead here, and we are implementing the principles rather soon.

We can, if we wish, do the same in Central Europe.

Basically we need to repatriate all the migrants who are endangering the peace and civil authority of the states.

This will require a cooperation with Northern Africa and the Middle East, but it is possible. Especially with the traditional allegiances we have with the countries there.

So WE need to lead.

We have the intellectual leadership already, what we need then is the physical institutions to back the intellectual leadership.

G-d bless the will to be honest and civil in a dangerous situation.

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