The right wing

On the right wing, there is a fight between those who do not accept race as an explanation, and those who do.

I have, more or less, been the philosopher that created the first trend.

As things progress, I believe, that it is important to understand what my ideas were, and how they could change the world, and most importantly the Western world.

I truly believe, that there is no such thing as race. There are tribes, cultures, political systems, religions, mystical spiritualism. But races are not a part of the human makeup. We are all one race, made in the image of G-d.

That is what I believe.

At the other hand, some people still hold on to the Darwinian system, that is called social Darwinism. The most dominant of these systems is National Socialism. Aka Nazism.

I do not believe in that. As with Communism and other artificial political systems, it just wreaks havoc on the earth.

Any kind of system must be based on solid experience. As Democracy, this is how we have organized things always up here in the north. So we know it works, it has its problems and weaknesses, but it is the way we like to organize.

As a consequence of this idea, what I have fought for, is not the white race, but Democracy. Because I believe, that the content of our civilization is what we need to fight for, not some dark and wrong natural philosophic idea.

When we do that, we not only strengthen our culture, we also create a better and more just world. We fight for the best in ourselves.

This does not imply, that we should just sit down and sing Kumbaya. That is also naive, and represents the worst in our culture, that of lack of responsibility towards the world. Too much freedom, just for the sake of freedom.

So my recommendation has been to challenge the problems we face, as a democratic problem. When migration overwhelms us, we need to use the tools of Democracy to tackle it.

So for instance terrorism, we fight that as a problem for Democracy, calling them islamists. Islamic state fighters.

And migrants with no respect for our civilization we repatriate them. Because they need to respect our ways to be able to live here.

But that is NOT a racist view. I truly respect all creeds and people, as long as they accept and support the constitution.

Because the constitution is what we should all hold sacred, if not, then THAT is a problem.

Looking at it in this way, making a wall makes sense, because obviously a porous southern border makes it possible to cross the border without any check. Democracy has adversaries and enemies, we should remember that, and act accordingly.

We do the same here in Denmark right now, and we are making an example.

Build the wall, but not as a symbol of race, as a symbol of our responsibility towards the constitution that is in danger due to people who come the US with no respect for the most basic human rights.

That is the way I see it. We need to, all Americans, with whatever color, to support the basic creed of the mighty nation of the US. That of the Amendmenst, and the respect for rule of law, and public assembly.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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