Well, one of the major discussion concerning the eastern front, is the way, that this war is panning out.

First of all, the major weapon the Chinese have, is their geeky squad. Their hackers. They can hack almost anything, especially the military equipment, that is the core of the American army.

Hopefully this has been taken care of, but high tech fighters falling out from the sky, is not a welcome sight.

Secondly, their greatest weakness is the fact, that they have clumped up all their industrial capacity in one place. This is due to the control they wish to have over the industry, so that is an inherent weakness of a communist economy. Communism is not a capitalist construction, so the relationship between those who wish to do business, which require freedom, and those who wish to control is always a very diffficult balance.

So, there is an opening there.

The strategy is quite clear, target those areas, that are producing all they are making, and the whole card house will come falling down quite easily.

This you can do be sending over strato fortresses, bombers of a different kind and so on. Just make sure, that as few of civilians as possible are in harms way.

But the Chinese infrastructure is really a very weak point for China.

The bleeding edge tech these days is the drone development. It is a bit scary, but there is no doubt, that high tech ai powered drones is the new weapon of choice. The progress that the Ukrainians seem to do on the battlefield is, mainly, due to this tech. It is versatile, does pin point operations, and is deadly effective. It will change the way we do war over the next twenty years. There is the Armageddon spectacle we have to be careful about. The combination of AI and these drones is scary. So we need to make sure, that there is a PHYSICAL switch to turns these gadgets off, so we have a fail safe.

Anyways drones might work in a ground war, but an aerial war, that we saw in Afghanistan and Libya, is not for drones, it is for aeroplanes.

I hope, that the confrontation between the US and China will remain pin point operations, when it starts, to reduce the cost of lives.

So drones are good on the ground, but aerial fighting is still fought with human fighters on different vehicles.

We will see, maybe the war will wane off, and that would be the best, but the historical mechanics of the development is pretty obvious for anyone to see.

G-d bless the will to be vigilant in peace, and decisive in war.

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