Ok, we are winning. I know, that the ceasefire is pretty devastating to morale. But there are a number of elements we have to take into consideration, when we do our strategy.

What happens on the ground, is a complex maneuver, that reflects the media situation, that that again reflects the political, international game.

It is a chess board, that we have to consider.

What it all comes down to, is who has the best international support. Maybe not in terms of physical support, but in terms of POLITICAL support.

Hamas has tried to drive the media game with a vicious onslaught of pictures and suffering.

That is a strategy. What I have done, is to reach consensus on the issues we face internationally.

I mean, if there is a consensus on a ceasefire, we do a ceasefire, to support the political process. Not only that, we off cause also get our hostages home. But the ceasefire is a part of the international game. If we do not listen to the opinion of the world, we will, ultimately loose the ability to fight.

There are different expectations to us, than there is to Hamas. We have to be spot free in terms of ethics, to continue the fight. Why? Because we are the chosen people, so there are different expectations. We are in direct connection to g-d, so we have to reflect this. Listen to the voice of spirit in our fight.

If we do that, we will win.

G-d bless the will to fight with skill and cunning on all levels. G-d bless the will to free those hostages.

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