The antisemitism of Denmark

babylonSixtysix years ago, my great grandmother Sigrid Trier Hansen embarked on a little fishing boat, crawled down a crooked ladder, to reach the inside of a smelly abdomen. She was a refugee, because she was jew, and because she helped german jews escape the glistening jaws of that vile creed; National Socialism.

On the boat, in the dark, everything was stolen away from her, ripped of the old grandmotherly lady, except one little item; a gold coin, given to her by my grandmother. The goldcoin has travelled through our family, as one of the treasures of the Trier family, and ended up in my deskdrawer. As a reminder of times of strife, times when jews were on the run.

The gold coin is talisman to me, I look upon it once in a while, and I remind myself that; never again shall the jews be prosecuted and live in fear. But somehow history repeats itself and the vile doings of our great grandparents are yet again done.

This is the story of the rise of antisemitism in Denmark.

It started with the left allying with the palestinian cause. In the seventies and eigthies, we had violent communist fractions killing cops and stealing money to the aid the palestinian cause. It was all done to reject the US, and support the allies of the Soviet Union. One little dangerous bug however crept in with the fight against Israel; islamism. The palestinians somehow changed from close allies of the communists, to support the cause of that vile islamic republic of Iran.

The state ran fullscale immigration plans of palestinians, and other immigrants of muslim background. But the palestinians had a speciel place in the hearts of the liberal left, the national left and the communists. They were treated with royal treatment by the state. They had free housing, free schooling, free everything, and nobody checked them in anyway. To repay this luxurious treatment the palestinians started to rape, steal, and kill people. Still today the palestinians are the main force in the present civilwar between bikers and immigrant “gangs”.

One should think, that the glitterati of the intellectuals would abstain from supporting the palestinians when it came to actions here in Denmark. But, oh no! They still supported the palestinians, they even followed the palestinian lead and embraced the islamism of Iran. They say they dont´, but they always act, and hubble along, walking the path of islamism. They really want to be heroes, fighting the vile Israel.

Now, international politics is international politics. I understand it when people put their lot on either palestinian cause or the israelian cause. It is state politics. I support the idea of Zion, but I would really like to find a solution, that would be humane to conflict with the palestinians.

It is however another case here in Denmark. Here it is not a question of antiisraelean sentiment, it is down right antisemitism. A great part of the muslim immigrants just hate jews, whether they live in Denmark or Israel. So this is not a conflict between people on a higher level, it is just the muslims trying to kill jews, nothing more.

The liberal left and their supporters within media are running along this line of thought. The vileness and the evil scheming is abhorrent.

It all culminated around nine months ago at a rally for Israel at the mainsquare of Copenhagen. There marauders of discussable origin, mainly anarnchists and palestinians, did their best to attack the jews. They cried; death to the jews, down down democracy, down down Denmark! The reaction of the social/liberal newspaper “Politiken” was to print a cartoon as a mocking of the situation. The famous picture of the little jewish boy on his way to the gaschamber, was replaced with a picture of a palestinian boy. Thereby indirectly supporting the anarchists and the islamist. They knew what had happened, the editorial board  is right at the mainsquare. They heard everything. And this on a newspaper started by a jew, and upheld by jews for many years of its existence.

The rest of the media tried their best to ignore the rally, and boosted irrelevant stories the best they could. To try to drown the incident.

Today there are guards at the synagogue, there are guards at the jewish school, and it is a matter of time before jews are openly attacked on the street. That is my bet.

What are the acts of the state? None, absolutely nothing has happened. Well yes, last week the politicians of Copenhagen sanctioned a huge mosque sponsored partly by the iranian islamists. So you can guess where their hearts lie.

There is, however hope, that lies with the people, and the traditional folksupport of the jews. I hope that the danes will eventually wake up and start protesting, at least stop voting for parties that more or less openly support the islamists. This is what I work for.

In the last war, when Germany occupied Denmark. One of the few places of resistance was in my neighborhood; Vesterbro. There is a long road that runs from one end to the other, it is called Istedgade. To try to repel the germans we build blockings at both ends. And at that time, we rallied the people with the words:

Istedgade overgiver sig aldrig!

Istedgade will never surrender!

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