The ragnarok

bellerophonThe west is like the hero Bellerophon on his horse Pegasus flying towards the sun, in order to compete with the gods. But the long fall has already commenced, Bellerophon is hanging in the stirrup, almost flipping over, floating through mid air, falling to meet the uncompromising hardpacked earth so far down.

How has it come so far? What used to be the leading civilization of the world has, in very few years toppled over, and is now riddled with ridicule, low selfesteem and a suicidal death wish.

The picture is quite complex, no single source of will has been the driving factor of the demise.

Let us try to analyze some of the factors behind the ungraceful fall of Bellerophon.

The stupidity of american theory

The once mighty and beautiful land of the bold and the free, has turned itself in, and has started a serious kannibalization of its own academic tradition. A serious sociological principle has to stem from either very well proven ideals, or be a innate principle of nature. Ideas as democracy, spartan communism, enlightentment, the law are all such ideas. Proven and worked with since the time of Babylon and classical Egypt. It works. The current academic ideas are however of a very poor quality; multiculturalism, protection of minorities as the only driving force, human rights as the end goal of law. All these principles are basically kindergarten stuff compared with the ideas of Heraclitus, Plato, Rousseau, Kirkegaard, Nietzsche, Hegel and Jung. As a consequence, the states run afoul, and looses its dynamic. Just the idea of treating the murderous immigrants as  poor minorities is ridicolous. They should be treated as foreign citizens with a specified set of rights and duties. Unfortunaltely the idiocy of the current american sociological theories have spread to european universities without much ado. I have critisized it quite a lot, but since the danish academic lore proscribes copycat mentality, my critisism have fallen on deaf ears. Actually it has earned me an ostracization. My last book was condemned as stupid and idiotic by one of the leading danish academic professors of today, mr. Ole Thyssen.

The corruption of the state

As Plato say the backside of the golden coin of democracy is moral corruption. The freedom of democracy tends to usurp the ethical stand of religion and law. Since 1968 the moral standards of the west have rapidly decayed, to a level where criminals are the heroes, and music is conducted by pimps and prostitutes. Even in the camp of the socialists who, originally fought for justice, the corruption have taken its toll. The modern anarchists excel in lawbreaking methods, stealing, breaking things, without any purpose but destruction. In the face of this threath, the state either condone the actions of the marauders, or help them actively. The sexual ethics is also ruined, bringing single mother communities and unhappy children. The emancipation has brought us to a society of decadence. This cannot go on, we have to change the tide, or the tide will swallow us up. Another biblical Babylon with a tower build so high that all communication ceases.

tower_babelThe unions

All over the world unions have commenced; the African Unioun, the North American Union, the European Union,  and so on. This is all organized by the United Nations. The idea is good, if it wasn´t for the immense corruption in these organizations. It is all ponds of powerstruggling megaorganizations, with no real interrest in the people of the world. The persons in charge live a life so far away from the streets of the bustling cities, that they have no real idea about how people feel and live their life. As a consequence, the decitions of the powerful elite of the unions, are ridicolous and often extremely dangerous to world peace. The forced immigration of muslims  into Europe, is one of these absurd projects that will ripp the world apart. On top of the secludedness of the union elite, the organization of the unions are extremely primitive. They are basically organized as bureaucracies. There are no checks on the power in anyway. That is why the unions are running amock.

The secret societies

The secret societies of the world are the most difficult analyze, as a consequence of their nature. But they are there, and they act. There are many secret powerplayers in the world; the vatican, the different freemasonic institutions, the secret services. They control large parts of the media, the banks, the supposedly unorganized bloggers, they play a deciding role in the UN, and so on. It is the richest and most powerful persons of the world, trying, in secret to have their way. One of the most interesting secret players are the aristocracy of the jews, families as the Rothschilds as one. Their interest is, as all other orthodox jews, to see the Messiah come into the world. To have that descendent of David put on the throne of the jewish kings. All the preperation have been done, the country is there (Israel), all the signs are in legio; the world without belive in supreme spirit, the coming chaos, and the prophesy is coming to a conclusion. The Messiah will emerge, fighting that world spanning war, bringing faith back and lay the foundation for everlasting peace.

There was once a very wise man here in Denmark and he said, that the most difficult thing to prophesize about is the future. But I will however, based on the historical cycles of the world and western societies in specific, dare a little prophesy. War will come. War is already here in Denmark, and it will spread like rings in the water. And the conflict will be on an unknown scale. This time it will be a real worldwar, it will be ragnarok, armageddon, it will happen when Bellerophon hits the earth. It will either be the cleansing of all societies, so that the conflict will bring a new beginning, or it will be the end of civilisation. There will be no more western law, industrialization. Islam, with its fixed principles governed by holy men could be the end of it all. They might just win the global jihad.

Time will show.

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