The antisemitic citycouncil

A few weeks back the city council of Copenhagen officially condoned a mega mosque in Copenhagen. The mosque is a shia mosque, and could be connected to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The decition made quite a storm in the duckpond, but it was also a vile decition indeed.

After the mosque was approved it turned up, that the mosque is partially funded by the revolutionary guard of Iran, thereby making the mosque an official representative of the regime that openly fights anything jewish.

In the middle east the fight is between states, but in Denmark there is no Israel, consequently the focus of a clerecy of such a mosque would be just normal jews.

Such a focus would be classic antisemitism. Since classic antisemitism is defined as racism, the mosque would be openly racist.

The city council is aware of the situation, but do not excuse their openly racist agenda. This has caused very little rebuke from the rest of the political system or the media.

Well, the result of these vile actions will be prosecutions of jews within the next decade. It will mean killing of jews in the street, antijewish propaganda and os on.

Is this a situation the international community can overlook? What is the official stand of Israel? What about Germany with their history?  It is easy for the world to turn another page, and overlook the actions of a citycouncil in a remote city. But each and every step heading for another string of jew killings should be acknowledged, and put out into the open, for the world to see.

This is such a small step.

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