The balance

The balance of the Middle East is very difficult to sustain. Mainly because of the long history of warfare in the Middle East. I mean it has happened ever since Eridu (Eden), the first city, was founded.

The En, or the lore of civilization that is still what we believe in and sustain our civilization today, is brought forth by endless warfare.

So, the Messiah would be a man of balance.

This is what I would recommend the Middle East to think about; where is the balance. Not too much, nor too little. Just enough to sustain ones own power and prowess, not too little to falter and be weak.

It is not about eternal love and turning the other cheek only, and it is not about total warfare.

You have to tackle the fact that you live on earth, and the material world holds some specific challenges. But to get swallowed by the material world, and forget about the spiritual world, will send you directly in the arms of the dark lord.

Therefor, the path between heaven and earth is a narrow line where one must look out for the lurings of the dark one, and be pristine in the actions of a humane man.

G-d bless the will to see things clear.

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