Renaissance art

IMG_3702Well, after a long, or in fact, to be absoluty honest, rather longish, or perhaps, well you could call it short, discussion with one of my friends concerning an art exhibition we are doing together, I have decided to make a bold strike, and start as a painter. In the noble tradition Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and other renaissance painters. Ok, theoretically I might be on their level, but in matters of skill, I am far, far below, I admit!

But, you have to start somewhere, and perhaps this is a bit of inspiration to someone who likes renaissance art.

My first project is about finding beauty in nature. According to the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, there is a mathematical equation, that is found again and again in nature. It is a clever geometrical form, where you add the two last numbers in a row of numbers together. It creates a building block that grows exponentially. You find it all around nature, in your face, where it constitutes a number of measures, in waves in the ocean, in galaxies. Above, you can see it represented in a Nautilus shell. This is beauty as G-d wanted it. Because why is this pattern everywhere, had it not been for an intelligent design?

You call it the fingerprint of G-d.

If you wish to acquire said painting, albeit its primitive form, please do no hesitate to ask. We will start with 2000 USD. If someone wish to buy it, then perhaps, if you think it is too expensive. Just send me an offer.

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