Humanism and immigration

The election is not really moving in the British final phase. The problem is pretty obvious; it is about the content of the political ideas of both parties.

In England, the message has been wheeled around the economy, taking in the 2013 election in the US as an ideal. Here it was truly mostly about the economy and less about immigration, the fight against IS and so on.

The reality in Europe is however quite different. Here immigration is linked to the question about the IS fight. Because the immigrants are the IS. A huge swath of the immigrants that come from mostly muslim countries swear allegiance to IS, and as a consequence the two issues are interlinked.

To break the gridlock, the conservatives must do inroads into this uncharted territory.

In Denmark it is pretty much the same, but we have had the discussion in the political system for a long time, making the discussions very detailed.

One first thing is to try and get a humanistic view on the problems. What we should definitely not do, is to go all gung ho racist on the issue, in fact, we should do the opposite. Look at the obvious racist problems there are within immigrant communities, as the antisemitic persecution obvious in France and Denmark. As the genderproblems, as the persecution of Christian minorities in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and other Middle East countries.

That is, the obvious problem with many immigrants is the fact that they are not humanistic, but on the contrary totally maniacal racist.

This view on the issues will ensure a viable and sustainable criticism of the policies that are at place. In fact, until the election started, great inroads were done to the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK, and many of the other problems.

If the Conservatives wish to win, you or we, have to come to terms with these issues and get a humanistic grip on them. Otherwise we will be hardpressed.

G-d bless the fair isles of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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