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Ashbury1aTo really save something, you truly need to understand it. I remember reading in mr. Boris Johnsons book about Mr. Churchill, that in the eve of the battle between the “narzies” and England, Churchill stood up, and made Great Britain stand up by using the old words, the Anglo Saxon words.

I have pondered a bit about that, and it strikes me, that there are somehow two layers in the English language; the Latin and the Anglo Saxon. The Latin is often civilised, intelligent, superior in use and spirit. While as the Anglo Saxon words are simple but strong.

This dichotomy goes through art and society in many ways. As you can see in the difference between Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Tolkien being the old school shire man and Anglo Saxon, C.S. Lewis being the radical Christian and thus more refined in a way.

In times of need and understanding, one needs to understand both perspectives to really understand what Great Britain is. But in times where the country is in need of strength, one seems to draw on the Anglo Saxon roots, the Danish roots, the raw power that lies in the core of our shared culture.

So you need to understand what our view of the world is, and what this gives as incentive to the people.

Danes are simple but strong. We are focused, not just focused but die hard aiming at a single point in the horizon. This on one hand makes us live too much in the future. Because we seem to focus on what will come, but at the other hand makes us extremely persistent. Take the example of Frodo. He went through hell, sacrificed his life, his future for the world. But look a little deeper and you will see why he really sacrificed himself; he did it for the shire.

This is the deepest understanding of what it is to be Anglo Saxon. You sacrifice yourself for you local community. In Denmark we have an old word called “frænder”. It is the same as the English word “friends”. It is, in Danish, more than just a superficial understanding of some connection to someone. It carries the understanding of a sacrificing relationship. Where you sacrifice yourself for your loved ones, for your friends, for the shire.

This is truly what it is to be Danish. To have a simple but strong community, to have friends, and then go to hell and beyond to save them and help them. As Sam did to Frodo.

Deep down, this is our true strength, and it is reflected in towering persons as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and mr. Winston Churchill. Take of all the layers of philosophy and thought, and deep down you see that shireman, just fighting to keep the shire save.

Do that, and you truly touch upon something vital and very, very important.

Come on David be yourself, fight for Oxfordshire, you can do it, do not lose steam, we believe in you, so COME ON!

G-d bless the fair isles of all of Great Britain.

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