I think we have finally found a way to truly turn the tide of the West. The dangers, the fall, the colossal tide of misfortune, that has swept over us after the fall of the British empire, has finally come to a halt, and a new generation of humanistic conservatives will perhaps make a vanguard of repair and redeem the people of North.

The expansion of the Vikings is not new, it started with the sea peoples that came to be Jews and Spartans, and continued with the Rus, the British empire and now with a renewed focus on the virtues of our people.

We are what we are, simple but brave, inexhaustible and sturdy, and yet true to our friends and family. We prefer freedom and stability, the fact that man can roam the oceans and the prairie is what we like.

If we manage to turn this tide, and so it seems, we will have a brief respite until the next monumental fight and strife. Because this is what we are; fighters first and foremost. We prefer to fight, to use our strong hands and minds to make freedom where we are.

This attitude has found many reflections and manifestations. Many local colorings according to the natural habitat. As in russia, where there are no borders and a very cold night. Spurring the warmth of heart and strength in abundance. As in Australia where the vision has grown into at one hand a liberal society, and at the other hand a conservative shell that protects all. Many ways, many local reflections. But we have to remember, that deep down, behind all the veils and turns of events, lie a fighter. This is truly what we are. Fighters, and we will always remain so. Be it Jew, gentile, Australian, American, English, Scottish, Welsh, or any other descendant of those hardened warriors in their sturdy and lethal boats, roaming the sea.

G-d bless our freedom, may we never lose it.

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