The balances

I have thought a lot about how to be a royal these days, and honestly, I come only from a minor house. It may be that of an illustrious one, but it is not a royal house.

So these ideas are not based on ideas of royalty, but rather my own experience with finding a way as an aristocrat in a world that does not care much for honour and integrity.

Ok, this is my experience.

First of all, you need to find a balance between liberalism and conservatism, and that is really the difficult thing.

If you are too conservative, people will see you as old-fashioned, and not up to date. If you are too liberal, people will see you as abandoning the tradition.

So, you need to walk that very narrow scope. In practise you need to take the best of each tradition, and make it your own. This calls for a very high amount of quality inspection and valuation.

Take climate change, that I have worked a lot with. There are amazing things in this area, and there are awful things in this area. The good things are energy development, forest care and just caring for nature in general. The bad things are a skewed focus on too much green energy, without regard for the transition to green energy, effectively destroying the economy. There is also these ideas called rewilding and “wild” nature, that essentially destroys the nature, as in Harzen, that has lost all its ancient forest due to this skewed project.

So it is a tight rope, you need walk.

At the other side, there is the defence, that is very good. These warriors are skilled, cares for the realm and are essentially heroes. They have not been given the attention lately, as in Afghanistan, where they fought valiantly.

A prince could pay some respect for that cause here after the draw out. That would be positive conservatism.

So there is a very difficult balance there to walk.

But, and that is the good thing. With a carefully detailed and thought through plan, you can change the world to a better place.

This process is extremely difficult, but you have friends. Hans and I are walking this tight rope together, and we are making a difference.

So finding that balance between conservatism and liberalism, is what real politics is all about, and off cause also the support of the entire empire.

As the late illustrious and friend queen Elisabeth did.

But it is not easy, you have to be careful, and think it through.

G-d bless the will of the English people, and may it live forever.

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