The way of the princes

Full title: Saint George and the Dragon.Artist: Gustave Moreau.Date made: 1889-90.

Harry, you need to come to Denmark and find yourself. And this is it, you are so welcome. Go through the Danish royal house, if you wish.

What is Denmark in relation to England?

Well, when we were one kingdom thousand years ago, we were a minor player in the world. But that changed for England and the UK.

You grew into an empire, and stretched yourself all over the globe.

Here in Denmark, we, more or less, just stayed the way we were when we were one kingdom. We never had the opportunity to grow, because we are in the middle.

But, and this is where Denmark can support England, we kept things as how they were. We have fussed over our shared ideas for the last five thousand years.

Effectively growing into a fairy tale.

This fairy tale is yours.

The fairy tale of the prince, who fought all his dragons, to find his princess. Now, you have found your princess already, but the fight with the dragons is here right now.

How do you fight those dragons?

Well, as a prince, what you do, is to try and find the RIGHT WAY.

THE RIGHT WAY is essentially a moral course, that will lead you to slay the dragons.

Let me give you an example, from my own life.

When I had to choose my own course, I could have went with the other artists, and have had an elevated status as the main philosopher in the country, and all the fine status that goes with that. I could have become an editor of the leading newspaper, sat at the side of the queen, and so on.

From the beginning, I just hated the idea of sitting on that throne. I REALLY despised it. So I ran away from it.

I went to the farthest there was, at that time politically, SIAD, that spawned the EDL.

I REALLY tried to get away from all the attention and the sycophants.

I succeeded, now too much it seems. Now I am a persona non grata in the upper echelons of society, the black sheep, so to say. It is not, that they do not attend to what I am saying, they do. But I am branded, because, I ran those years ago.

It gives me quiet and I get to live a life outside the limelight, that is good.

But I truly learned a lot of things.

First of all, what it all comes down to, as royalty, is your own example.

You can say a lot of things, but at the end of the day. You are judged by what you do. And there is no way to cheat, people are wise. They see trough the lies.

So, what I do now, is doing. I protect those who are weakest in society. Lately, that has been a vicious fight against the municipality in defence of Hanne, and old lady with three disabled kids, that the municipality is mistreating horrendously.

That was a truly vicious fight. But it has blown light on the way we treat the weakest members of our society, and there is a major reform coming, to support our disabled people better.

Then there is the fight for our forests, another vicious fight, that we just cannot loose. If we loose, all our forests disappear.

But the way I do it, is not by going to the other elite artists, I do it by talking and connecting to those who are in the fight.

I help them, support them. I do it with my own hands.

That is horrendously difficult, and often I get to my own limits. But that is what really is all about. Fighting dragons, is fighting dragons.

You have this ability as well, I can just see the talent shining through.

You need to find a simple and truly discreet way to fight your dragons.

Don’t go with the limelight, that is not where you change the world to a better place. The way you change the world to a better place, is by being with those who are truly fighting.

These people are simple, those who truly fight. Honest, humble giants of humanity.

If you find yourself with those people at your side, you know that your fight is REAL.

But it is very difficult, because you have to be humble, and essentially humble yourself.

But the people who are really fighting are amazing. So you get to get really good friends. And that is much more important that all the limelight in the world.

G-d bless the will to see the way, to make a difference and make the world a much better place in the face of spirit and all his angels.

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