The banks

I have given it a lot of thought as to what is really the basis of civilisation.

Yesterday, I made a long interview with another philosopher called Ole Bjerg. He has been criticising the banks quite a lot from an ethical perspective. He is of the opinion, that the banks have forgotten their own virtue, that of putting money aside for hard times. Banks are supposed to be about savings.

As I understand Ole, the banks have all kinds of political ambition, they want to control the citizens with acces to money.

Well, I agree, to some degree. To me, the most important thing, the very bedrock of civilisation is protecting of the weak. It goes through our justice system, it is the point of socialism and is the prime virtue of all knights.

Then how does that work with a banking system that is supposed to protect our assets, and now have political ambition?

Is this political attempt protecting the weak?

If it is that, then I guess it makes sense, but seriously, we have PLENTY of economic problems these days, not least the Geist of inflation, that is made because the central banks gave the banking industry a lot of money ten years ago, and our production sector is loosing steam.

So, I mean, what is it really the banks want?

The banks COULD help society by making ressources available in the industrial sector, that would really help the nations in Europe and the West in general, but now they fuss on how to control the citizens.

It seems to me, that the banks are kind of confusing what they are here for. We really NEED the banks in a crisis situation, to be responsible and protect the economy, because at the end of the day, who pays for the mistakes the banks make, the poor people pays.

So, the banks CAN protect the weak, by making sure, that the economy is working as it is supposed to do, with a sound investment environment, and ample supply for those who invest in good paying American jobs.

Fussing over the possible control over the citizens will not make progress, it will make the opposite, more recession.

Progress requires the possibility to make new things, and experiment. This is expensive, and therefor we need the banks to take risks in the industrial sector. Ultimately, this leads to more industry that makes more jobs, that makes it possible for people, to live a respectable and honest life.

The banks thus have a crucial role to play in the nation, they just need to prioritise their investment.

G-d bless the banking system, and may it help.

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