The EU

Well, I could be honest and annoying and tell you: I told you so. If you did not accept some of my ideas on a reform of the EU, people would simply start to elect parties, that would take them out of the EU. 

The pace is also, more or less, the pace that I believed. As of now, the EU will cease to function within two to three years. 

There will be vestiges of power, and the structure as such can continue as a hollowed out system for ten to twenty years. But if the power has left the system, what is the point?

There is a chance at around two to three percent of salvaging the system. The only chance is to give me acces to the wheels and cogs of the system, and change it to accommodate the rapid development of the continent. 

Honesty, I do not care. I know this might seem heartless, but seen from a political perspective, I have already installed the powers of Change in the European countries. Political parties, that are both humane and forceful. This will eventually save Europe. 

What is at stake is not the freedom and independence of Europe, but the depth of the conflict we are entering. How much blood will be spilled?

If the European Union travels much more down the path of destruction, the liberation of Europe will be extremely bloody. But if it relents, and finds some kind of compromise, peace is possible. 

So I have put my plan into your system somewhere, you just need to activate it. Otherwise you are most certainly dead.

G-d bless the will to be honest and realistic in the face of Armageddon. 

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