The path

The reason why I try to induce the Middle Eastern states to find peace, is not only because war is a truly terrible thing, but also because the advent of Israel is more than just a territory for Jews. Yes it is also the hallowed ground of Jews, sought for for thousand and thousand of years, but that is only the basic part of Israel.

The real reason why Israel is there, is because we have a spiritual path to initiate when we try and rebuild Israel. The path of the Chosen people. 

More than often we do not accept or live out this covenant. We go about or daily lives, and try merely to survive. In fact we are pretty good at surviving with all the skills honed through two thousand years. 

But the fact of the matter is, when we built Israel the true test started. That of doing what we are supposed to do as people Chosen.

The difficult thing about that process is, that this can only succeed, if we are humble. Humble not being a trait that goes well with us Jews, after all, we control many things around the world. But humility is however the only path that will and can bring about the Change we are supposed to make in the world.

So instead of just protecting ourselves, we are supposed to be the light upon the Nations. Help, share our resources, be a good friend. 

Luckily this process is well under way, as we saw with the help young Israelis has given to Brazil under dire circumstances. This is truly the way of Israel, to be the helper. The help being off cause important, but the EXAMPLE being more important. Perhaps this will inspire other countries to help each other in times of difficulty.

I know, that we are embroiled in all the wars in the Middle East, and the Sunni and Shia are vying for our support. 

But that should not stop us from giving from our pure heart to those in need.

Take Libanon. This marveollous country steeped in ancient lore of forgiveness and tolerance. Why is this country not our natural ally?

We know, and see the hardships this country has withstood, to preserve its ancient heritage. 

Why cant we be collaborators in strengthening the deep lore of this country?

After all, the first time around, when Solomons temple was built, it was built with the help of Lebanese craftsmen. A lot of the profession in trade comes from learning from the Lebanese in the first place. 

Then why are we not friends now again?

The depth of knowledge is what will give us peace.

G-d bless the will to see peace as the goal, all over the world.

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