The fall of the EU

The European Union is at its final stage of disintegration. The great what to do now?, is upon us.

I have tried to prepare Europe for the probable demise of the European Union, knowing that when it happens, a lot of chaos will ensure. In such a situation the greatest threat is vigilantism and the rise of tyrants.

As in Germany between the first and second world war, the poverty and general malaise will give rise to extremism and thuggism.

To counter this, and to prepare Europe for the oncoming war with parts of Islam, I have tried to inspire a democratic revolution.

We need to fight, but we need to do it for the right reasons and with the right means.

The fight against ISIS is a prelude to this more bitter and devasting fight in Europe.

What will happen in half a year, when all the power has been taken back and been reinstalled in the national parliaments?

We will see, but the great upheaval, the fight against the barbarity of the Islamists. The terror that we will face, will be defining occurrences in a prolonged battle.

Each nation will have to sort out its own problems, and some nations will fall. Hopefully few, but Sweden and Germany are candidates for dysfunctional states.

But I think that Germany will prevail, and that leaves only Sweden. But having a warring caliphate here in Scandinavia will not exactly be nice, and we may have to give them war at a specific point.

The Swedish state will however be finished, like it or not.

We are entering another phase in the ongoing fight between freedom and tyranny. New foes emerge, new ideas threaten us.

But if we hold dear the values of democracy and humanism, these virtues will prevail.

G-d bless the will to be free.

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