The legacy of mr. Barack Obama

286352_1280x720Now, there is a discussion on the legacy of mr. Barack Obamas first four years and then another four. Mind you, still there is another year to go, and a lot of things can happen in the meantime.

But, the first seven years have been a turn around for the West. When Barack started his tenure, remember, it was all two minutes before the final meltdown of Western Europe. China was booming, that is, our economy was going down the drain. Osama Bin Laden was on the loose, and all the wars mr. George Bush had done had just used more resources and not given any results. In fact it had alienated everybody except for the most trusted allies. (Among them Denmark).

Now, we have turned it around! The US is the one country in the West that is truly making jobs, American ideology is reaffirmed in the world, and things are looking … well, good, right?

Time to turn off those gloomy, pessimistic views, and be realistic about what we have done. We have made a turn around.

Then what is it really that we have done? Well, we have done that one thing that the Republicans keep talking about that they want to do; we have made America great again. How? By adhering to that base that everybody seems to overlook when they discuss Alinsky, he was not a crypto socialist. No, he was a democrat. He believed in democracy, and that is what we have fought for, in every battle in every decision, in all that we have put as the basis of our thought. Was it good for democracy.

That is the legacy that we will truly bring to our heir; the fight for democracy. But not just the fight for democracy, also the fight for civil rights. Because people are talking about Barack not doing enough in the race war. Come on, he has done what is the best there could be done. He has been the ideal president in a situation where everything was going haywire, and he has done it, as a coloured man, not complaining one single time about his colour or anything. He has made an example, that Martin Luther King would have been proud of.

By making that example, who will ever say that because you are not white in skin you cannot do what is necessary for your nation? Noone.

I think you will miss us. Mind you, we are still here, but it will never really be the same. Because we saved you, and now when you are saved, the thrill and the danger is more or less over.

But there will be new threaths, new wars to fight, new challenges, and we will still be here to advise and talk about the challenges. Not to control, but to be honest about how we see things.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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